Applications’ Security

Access Control Matrix

  • Get rid of numerous opened screens and infinite clicks while setting your security
  • Orchestrate your application security in one single real-time access control matrix

The origin of access right

Rights Origin

  • Roll up users and contents ascendants security
  • Reveal the origin of access rights
  • Get more accuracy
  • Fix access rights issues

Empowering Daily Admin Tasks

Daily Operations

  • Improved Administrator Experience
  • Compelling hierarchies
  • Gain efficiency
  • Bulk Actions
  • Live Documentation

Cross Environment & Application

Cross SILO

  • Dev, Test, Prod Environments
  • BI, ECM, DB, Directories & many Other Applications
  • Simultaneous administraion
  • Comparison
  • Support SoD policies

Schedule Inventory & Audit

Inventory & Audit

  • Schedule and automate your application inventory
  • Keep it optimized, secured and clean
  • Answer to the questions “what’s in?” and “how is it evolving?”

Manage Access Requests

Access Requests

  • Identify business needs
  • Delegate access requests to the application resources
  • Delegate other admin tasks
  • Identify decision makers
  • Delegate approval or refusal
  • Require comments over any changes.

Track Administration Changes

Track Changes

  • Control original settings
  • Display the authors or any modifications
  • Control the before and after state of the object
  • Receive comments for any modifications made

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