If you were, are or will be in charge of the administration of any Enterprise Applications, then this ebook is fully dedicated to you. As a C.I.O., in charge of the IT department, take a look at the approach of optimizing your applications sustainability, performance and R.O.I.. If you are a CISO, in charge of any security concerns or any regulations, the vision of the applications’ administration to support your Cybersecurity investment should interest you.
As an innovation enthusiast, Alexandre is constantly challenging administrators’ pains to imagine new creative approaches. The administration solutions he designed were adopted by more than 500 prestigious companies worldwide in the past decade. He is now fully dedicated to bring the administration concerns to a higher level: Revealing the applications administration as a major IT concern.

The applications’ administration deserves more than just a solution, it needs a new vision.

To provide support for a large community of administrators while challenging their pains, listening to their needs and gathering their feedback.



What is the Enterprise Applications’ Administration?

Enterprise Applications are built to be scalable and adaptable to the organization’s size. Therefore, they are an essential backbone actively participating to support the organization’s growth

While insuring highly technical operations, administrators should be entitled to strong business skills to have an accurate knowledge of each Enterprise Application business goals.


The Administration Best Practices

Never define your security at a content, document or file level. Always use containers; such as folders, categories to classify your documents and apply your security rights, permissions or privileges over those containers.

The Administration Costs

All IT departments are engaging significant custom development costs to respond to their application administration requirements. They are developing essential features, using software vendors providing SDKs or APIs, to document or automate many application administration operations.

Most of the time after major upgrades on applications, those developments turn obsolete and afterwards the IT department has to invest more time and more resources to adapt its custom development to the new application releases.


The Administration as an
essential Cybersecurity Prerequisite

Most of the Cybersecurity segments classify vendors by their technical abilities rather than their essential understanding of the risks they are covering. Neither do they identify the origin of the potential risks that requires to be covered by any protection.

It is critical that you understand there is no Cybersecurity solution that will highlight security incidents due to authorized users access. Once again to remind you: In 78% of the incidents, the insiders were authorized users with active computer accounts at the time of the incident.

The Administration to improve your application R.O.I

Cleaning your application resources and removing unused contents will improve front end queries optimizing your server load. You have to keep only the resources and documents that matter inside your applications, and get rid of the obsolete contents.

Every application provides metadatas to inform about the last opening date on content or last queries on data tables. It is quite usual while auditing unused application contents to discover that almost 30% are never opened.

Rethinking The Applications’ Administration as a major IT concern

On one side, Administrators are the ones entitled to define the user accesses on the application contents, meanwhile on the other side directors, managers, power users are the ones that hold all security requirements: They know better than any others regarding the sensitivity of the data shared through their business applications and what are the security policies to be specified.